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General English


We use the QUEST ESL course for teaching.

You can learn via LearnSpace with interactive features such as live video calls, whiteboard tools, screen sharing, and recorded video lessons for reviewing. Available on computers, tablets, and smartphones with live real-time interaction and professional guidance for 100% exam success. Conveniently learn anywhere with an internet connection.

Unit 1: Who am I?
Unit 2: Describing people and activities
Unit 3: Spending money
Unit 4: Somewhere to live
Unit 5: Keeping well

Unit 1: The media
Unit 2: Keeping
Unit 3: Dreams and plans
Unit 4: What happened?
Unit 5: Art and culture

Unit 1: Talking about the past
Unit 2: Different culture
Unit 3: Getting Around
Unit 4: Eating and drinking
Unit 5: Personal plans

Unit 1: What’s going on in my life?
Unit 2: The world we live in
Unit 3: Be careful!
Unit 4: Crime and punishment
Unit 5: Technology

Unit 1: My education
Unit 2: Entertainment
Unit 3: Being with people
Unit 4: Money matters
Unit 5: Getting away

Unit 1: Eat up!
Unit 2: What do you think?
Unit 3: Changing jobs
Unit 4: The unexplained
Unit 5: Business matters