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International English

Get certified for international-standard English language proficiency tests – study for 40 hours and receive a score of 6.0+. Designed to measure language communication abilities, including language skills.


Take your senior high school equivalency test here, while the international school system in Thailand also offers GED and IGCSE exams with diverse subjects. Covers language proficiency, science, math, and social studies.

Math and Reading

English language proficiency test preparation – 40-hour course to achieve a certified score of 6.0+. Designed to measure language communication abilities, including language skills.


An internationally-tailored course that assesses and improves English language and math skills, with particular emphasis on speaking, listening, and writing, in preparation for TOEFL tests and basic grammar concepts.


The General English course is suitable for students who wish to improve their listening, speaking, reading, writing, and vocabulary skills for secondary and university level studies.’


Begin learning with duPhonics – focusing on pronunciation and spelling for children who want to practice communicating in English. Taught by international teachers, which is specifically designed for kids to learn easily through online learning.

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Our online learning solutions provide a smooth, effective, live learning experience. Tutors and students can communicate efficiently, just like in a physical classroom. Ask questions about class material or bring up concerns to have them immediately resolved by a tutor. Our data-informed learning process is tailored to individual students’ academic needs, ensuring highly effective learning outcomes.


Real-Time Online Virtual Classroom

Instant tutor communication for content clarification and review requests, resulting in efficient, effective learning and faster comprehension.

Real-Time Learning Tools

Direct student-tutor communication through online whiteboards and downloadable materials for seamless learning.

Real Native Speaker Teachers

Choose expert foreign tutors for interactive, fun, and personalized learning experiences with tailored course materials.

Course Replay

Online class recordings help students review material for better understanding and learning anytime during the course.


For optimal student participation and learning outcomes, we’ve developed Quest Study – an in-depth system to measure learning progress.

Unlimited Sim-Test

Continuous post-learning assessments, consultation, and unlimited retakes until passing our quality-assured tests.


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Learn easily with LearnSpace through your smartphone, tablet, or computer, with comprehensive teaching systems and high-quality, experienced tutors who provide ongoing course guidance and updates. Our all-inclusive online video review system facilitates easy, efficient learning from home with just an internet connection. Join us at QUESTLANGUAGE.