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The SMART exam is a test developed by the Thammasat University Testing Center to assess management potential and evaluate graduate school entrance proficiency.

GRE is a fundamental exam for graduate degree program admission, primarily taught in English for almost all fields.

O-Level provides 40+ subject options for school exams in the UK and other countries, including science, math, economics, accounting, and business-related subjects.

English grammar is a fundamental element of language learning, covering pronunciation, vocabulary, sentence structure, word formation, and interpretation, leading to effective language use.

GMAT is a comprehensive course designed to review knowledge for graduate and doctoral level Business Administration studies. The exam assesses abilities for admission into postgraduate and doctoral programs.

A-Level is an education program for secondary and international schools, preparing students for university studies, with the option to focus on selected subjects for better understanding

IELTS is a language proficiency exam for English communication, recognized globally for study and work in English-speaking environments.

SAT subject tests are vital exams for university courses such as Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, with up to three tests allowed. Results are valid for international program admissions in Thailand.

CU-TEP provides English proficiency scores for international graduate/postgraduate programs or job applications requiring CU-TEP scores.

The General English course is suitable for students seeking to improve their listening, speaking, reading, writing, and vocabulary skills in preparation for higher secondary and university education.

Private courses prepare students for secondary and university entrance exams with a focus on international programs and advanced degrees.

AP is a program for high school students to enhance knowledge, skills, and problem-solving for effective university education preparation.

KU-EPT is an English proficiency exam for undergrads at Kasetsart University, taken by regular students who’ve completed Basic English I and II.

GCSE prepares students aged 16+ for exams and covers exam board content, with optional subjects related to their chosen field

GAT exam measures general and specialized abilities of students, with two parts: the GAT assesses reading and analytical skills, while the GAT ENG assesses English language proficiency.

MUIDS provides essential subjects such as mathematics, science, English, social studies, technology, physical education, and the arts, as well as elective courses for various professional fields.

GED exam equals a Thai Mathayom 6 graduate qualification and allows for university application, especially in international or overseas studies.

TOEFL measures communication proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening for higher education, including international programs in English-speaking countries.

TU-GET is an English proficiency exam for scholarship and university admission applications, recognized by TU-GET supporting universities, and required for some job applications.

PRE-INTER MATH is designed to prepare students for university studies, offering the option to choose preferred subjects. This UK curriculum continues from IGCSE or GCE courses.

MUIC exams assess English and math skills, with an emphasis on speaking, listening, and writing for TOEFL preparation and basic grammar before tertiary education.

TOEIC is a business-oriented English language proficiency exam for job applicants, emphasizing listening and reading skills to prepare for the TOEIC test.

IB courses offer over 30 subjects to choose from, with academic credits equivalent to high school completion, widely accepted by schools and universities internationally.

CU-BEST assesses business analysis and mathematical aptitude proficiency, with Thai and English versions available. It is suitable for Commerce and Accounting faculties for postgraduate studies.

ACT measures reasoning skills, problem solving, and communication skills for tertiary education, similar to SAT, and supports diverse faculty applications based on test scores.

The Chinese language proficiency test measures knowledge in the language for study or scholarships, including exemptions from Chinese courses and proof of proficiency.

SAT measures knowledge and reasoning skills in fundamental English language for international and overseas program admissions and scholarships.

IGCSE is a high school equivalency exam and an international school curriculum in Thailand, offering various subjects to choose from, such as language, science, maths, and social studies

The IELTS prep course is suitable for exam preparation, providing diverse learning opportunities to improve skills and practice exam-taking.

BMAT is a specific ability exam for medicine, veterinary science, and dentistry university applicants in the UK, with some Thai medical programs using BMAT for selection.