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M.6 Equivalency Examination



At CUE, the IGCSE course is a certified tutoring course that follows the course syllabus with teachers who are native speakers from the UK. Studying IGCSE at CUE is unique and different from other institutions because it is 100% online with the LearnSpace system, which provides a plan for practicing and performing exercises with accuracy. Additionally, CUE provides a One-Stop-Service for all students.

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Our IGCSE course is taught in real-time using LearnSpace

CUE offers the best and most exceptional IGCSE and A-Level courses in Thailand, with expert guidance in studying techniques, rigorous curriculums, thorough exercise practices, and in-depth coverage of IGCSE exam questions taught by Ivy League professors

CUE offers official Pearson Edexcel & Oxford AQA IGCSE & A-Level exam preparation classes and remains an official exam center for both online and on-site options, with private candidates and homeschool students also welcomed. CUE takes pride in delivering the finest IGCSE learning experience in Thailand.


IGCSE is equivalent to M.6 certificate.

IGCSE is the answer for a 14-year-old who wants to attend international university or study abroad.

It is possible to take the IGCSE exam without prior knowledge of the English language.

อายุ 14 ปี เทียบมหาลัยได้โดยการสอบ IGCSE


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Q&A about IGCSE information

Q1. What is IGCSE?

The high school or secondary level examination of the British education system is a form of education offered by international schools (British system) in Thailand. Pursuing an IGCSE education is the first step towards admission to top global universities.

Q2. How many subjects do you need to take for IGCSE qualification?

Taking 5 IGCSE subjects and 3 A-Level subjects qualifies as a high school diploma equivalent to Mathayom 6 or a High School Diploma recognized by top universities worldwide. The IGCSE exams cover a variety of subjects.

Q3. The IGCSE exam has 70 subjects divided into 6 groups as follows

1. Science subjects, such as Chemistry and Environmental Management
2. Mathematics subjects, such as Additional Mathematics and Cambridge International Mathematics
3. English Language subjects, such as Literature
4. Language subjects, such as Thai, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Italian, and Greek
5. Humanities and Social Science subjects, such as History, Travel and Tourism, Economics, and Sociology
6. Professional skill subjects, such as Accounting, Music, and Drama.”

Q4. Duration for IGCSE preparation and testing varies.

IGCSE tutoring typically takes around 30 hours per subject, which is about 8 weeks to cover 1 subject.

Q5. How long does it take to receive IGCSE exam scores?

Generally, IGCSE exam results are released online 6 weeks after the exam date

Q6. Where will IGCSE scores be sent?

The scores will be sent to the address listed on the exam application.

Q7. When will I receive the IGCSE exam certificate?

The IGCSE exam certificate will be sent within 16-18 weeks after the online score announcement.

Q8.What should I do if I am not satisfied with my IGCSE scores?

You can either retake the exam or request a re-evaluation of your scores if you are not satisfied with your IGCSE results

Q9. When can I take the IGCSE exam?

May/ Jun
Oct/ Nov

Q10. Where can I register for the IGCSE exam?

– British Council Thailand (location updates will come from British Council in the future)
– Arrow International School (direct registration with the school)
– Singapore International School of Bangkok (direct registration with the school)
– International schools with British-style curriculums and IGCSE exam centers can allow their students to register for the exam with their respective schools.”